PayPal Pressured To Stop Offering Processing Services For Mega


Mega, the file storage and encryption service, will no longer be able to process payments by using PayPal. PayPal announced that it will not be processing payments for Mega under the belief that it is “not a legitimate cloud storage service.” Both Visa and MasterCard also have stopped offering processing services to Mega. Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal were all under heavy pressure from the movie industry, which claimed that Mega was illegally offering file sharing and storage of films that were protected by copyright. Mega was started by Kim Dotcom in 2013, after the fall of his previous file sharing service, Megaupload.

Mega is currently in the process of being sold to TRS Investments for $210 million in a reverse listing. Mega isn’t going to stop its services, and the company noted that it is now in the process of finding new payment processors to replace PayPal. Mega claims that it is operating in more than 200 countries with over 15 million registered users, and there is no doubt that several payment processors will look to acquire the business that PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard turned down.

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