Bonding Out


express bailbondsBeing in jail isn’t something that you look forward to, but there is a way that you can get out so that you can be with your family again until you got to court. A bail bond is a way that you or someone else can pay money to get you out of jail. You will need a bail bond agent in order for the paperwork to be filed. If you don’t go to court, then you risk going to jail again for a longer period of time. The person who signed for the bond would also be responsible for the entire bond amount instead of just the bail that was required for the release.

The most common type of bail bond is a cash bail. If you have enough money on you at the time you are arrested, then you can usually pay the amount needed to the bond agent, sign the paperwork and walk out the door. Some jails require that you pay the entire amount before you are released. If the amount is low or someone you know has enough money, then this might be the better option as you won’t have to use an agent. Most bondmen require a certain percentage of the bond amount to be paid before they will get you out of jail. Jefferson County bail bonds as well as other businesses will likely order an arrest warrant if you fail to appear for court.

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